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Mentorship youth club


Mentoring youth about sustainable energy, sustainable agriculture, and electric energy, and its various forms to make informed decisions about post-secondary education, future jobs, and everyday energy usage/impact on the environment.

This program also provides training, mentorship and internship opportunities for College and University students within the energy and agriculture sectors.

Summer education camps


This is an educational and hands-on day camp for youth and young adults from 12-25 years old to have an opportunity to learn about and experience sustainable energy, sustainable food and agriculture as well as energy and electricity mediums, while obtaining real life experiences within these two sectors.

This camp includes workshops and trips around the City and surrounding areas.

Blended learning educational camps

(All year)

This program works with adults and youth to develop their leadership skills, communication skills, job readiness skills, energy independence networking within energy industries, as well as job shadowing and internships.

Done through online and offline mentoring, educational programs, workshops, and seminars.

Summer education camps

Golden acres Ag and seniors

(All year)

Providing seniors with various services aimed at improving quality of their life, which can bring a sense of belonging and appreciation.

Through gardening and energy efficiency activities, as well as mentoring and education for everyday living, seniors are more integrated within their community and develop healthy economic and social lifestyles.


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