Take charge
of your community
sustainability actions

In a year: gain knowledge
and become an expert
on sustainability practices

SEAAA's Six Streams

Sustainable Energy

Empowering communities through renewable energy training and mentorship, fostering clean technology adoption and energy-efficient practices for a greener future.

  • Solar Energy Basics Workshops
  • Wind Power Installation Training
  • Energy Efficiency Seminars
  • Sustainable Transportation Symposium
  • Renewable Energy Youth Camps

Sustainable Agriculture

Cultivating sustainable farming practices with educational programs and expert guidance, promoting food security, regenerative agriculture, and eco-friendly techniques.

  • Organic Farming Practices Courses
  • Permaculture Design Workshops
  • Sustainable Livestock Management Seminars
  • Urban Gardening Workshops
  • Agripreneurship Bootcamp

Sustainable Business Practices

Nurturing sustainable entrepreneurship via mentorship and workshops, driving innovative eco-business models and responsible practices for a thriving circular economy.

  • Sustainable Business Strategies Courses
  • Circular Economy Workshops
  • Eco-friendly Supply Chain Management Seminars
  • Social Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Green Innovations Showcase

Sustainable Employment Practices

Enabling inclusive growth by offering skills training and career mentorship, fostering green job opportunities, and strengthening local economies sustainably.

  • Green Job Skills Development Programs
  • Career Pathways in Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Technology Internships
  • Job Fairs for Green Industries
  • Resume Building and Interview Workshops

Sustainable Building Practices

Building resilient communities through sustainable construction training, emphasizing eco-conscious materials, and green building principles for a healthier environment.

  • Green Building Techniques Training
  • Energy-Efficient Home Design Workshops
  • Sustainable Materials Showcase
  • Construction Waste Reduction Seminars
  • Sustainable Architecture Conference

Sustainable Communities

Enhancing community resilience through educational initiatives, promoting social cohesion, equitable access to resources, and collaborative sustainable development.

  • Community Resilience Planning Workshops
  • Sustainable Neighborhood Design Courses
  • Inclusive Community Development Seminars
  • Social Impact Assessment Training
  • Civic Engagement and Sustainability Conference


The most effective
way to guarantee
a sustainable future

Develop a stronger relationship with your community through sustainable action.


What if you had access to
resources for improving
your community's sustainability?

Finally: a sustainability association
that cares about
building a better future


The simplest way to learn sustainability

Provide solutions and resources for agricultural sustainability, community generation, and employment opportunities.


Put an end to
disjointed communities

Establish a self-reliant community that lives in a
healthy environment.


You can impact your community with sustainable action

As the founder of SEAAA, Jason Courtepatte has more than a decade of experience as a Master Electrician. After operating a successful contracting company specializing in solar energy installations, his passion for education pointed him in a new direction: making it easier to build a better future with SEAAA. Jason enjoys the a–ha moment during training courses when students realize their role as contributing members of the sustainable energy and agriculture industries.


Gain awareness of your
environmental impact and
how you can live a
more sustainable life

Never go another day without understanding the
importance of sustainable development.